SC2 melting GPUs

My GPU is the ATI 5770 and the windows 7 update driver utility says I'm up to date. I haven't noticed any issues, but I'm still worried. FYI, I have completed all 29 missions in approx 48hrs so I've been running it for quite long stretches. Below is why I'm worried.

'Anyone else have StarCraft II try to melt their hardware? Blizzard admits that it's a known issue and has a fix for you.

Apparently, the game's menu screens aren't framerate-limited. This means that when there's nothing else going on, your graphics hardware renders the bejeezus out of those screens, causing nasty overheating problems. The fix is easy, requiring players to add the following lines to your "Documents\StarCraft II Beta\variables.txt" "Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt" file (nice catch, commenter LegolElf):


Good to know. Personally I would have appreciated a heads-up before my video card fried, but maybe this can save someone else from the hassle I've been dealing with since yesterday afternoon.

I am a GPU newb so I don't really understand much about how it all works, but does this look like a real fix? There is some debate in which is where I was alerted to the problem. Very few of the replies really discuss if this fixes, etc, they mostly argue if they can sue blizzard or who is to blame for the problem so that I can save you all some reading.
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