What use is my old 7800GT

Got a CF motherboard + HD5770 + 7800GTX

Is there any way the 7800 can add to my system performance?

I've heard about using a separate PhysX card or the other...don't know much though. And won't having 2 separate manufacturers cause conflicts?

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    Its not worth the hassle in games that require physx it won't help that much, plus the games that do require phsyx are scarce. To top that have you you're going to have more heat and power consumption and you'll have to deal with two sets of drivers.

    Also just looked it up and it seems that card doesn't support Physx, anyway. So no there is nothign you can do with it.
  2. Bah. Guess that's another eBay candidate.

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  4. The 7 series won't do PhysX anyways. You need an 8 series or better with 256MBs of ram or more. Ebay or Craigs list. You could also keep it as a back up card.
  5. ^ +1 Just put it away for emergencies when you need a backup, for testing, etc. It isn't good for much else, it won't do Physx, and it's not worth anything.
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