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I recently updated my PC with some new hardware and moved it into a new case. I changed the Mobo, RAM, and CPU, so i knew i was going to need to install windows again. But when i first booted up, i tried to load linux first and it worked fine. I told my pc to restart and after linux exited and the monitor turned off, nothing. No POST beep, no video, but the PC was still on. I turned off the PSU and turned it back on 30sec's later, after pressing the power butten the PC turned on but gain did not POST or boot, just sat there running. I then turned it off and left it unplugged for about 5-10min. I came back and tried again and it booted just fine. It loaded my windows 7 CD and right as it got the the logo screen and said Loading windows, it froze. I tried it 3 times with windows 7 and same thing, so i tried th window XP disk i have lying around, it gave me a 0x0000007E BSOD. I am stumpted to both why the PC will not boot unless it has been sitting for 5-10 minutes or more off and why i can no install windows. Any help is greatly appreceated.

My PC:
Asus M4A79XTD EVO Mobo
Optiarc dvd-rw IDE drive
WD 500gb HD/1,5TB WD HDD
Rocketfish 550 PSU
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  1. My first guess would be a PSU issue given Rocketfish aren't the most reliable brands. It is either faulty or really doesn't have the power for your system (specially if you are running a dedicate graphics card).
  2. What size and brand PSU would you recommend? and any thoughts on why i would get errors while trying to install windows?
  3. As for brand... Corsair, Seasonic or Antec would be my recommendations. As for wattage, we need to know the rest of your system (complete specs.)
  4. I managed to solve the problem by myself, turned out to be a bad stick of RAM. I contacted corsair and they are sending me a new stick as we speak. It runs perfectly now on 1 2Gb stick. But I also added a second PSU to my build for powering my graphics card and some lighting/cooling. Thanks for the replies and help (I checked and my PSU was below the optimum level.)
  5. Second PSU?
    Hey! 2 PSUs on one system is possible but not recommendable!
    Just get a stronger one and replace your old one!
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