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About a month ago I bought a Vatec Nexstar MX and configured it as RAID 1 with 2 WD RED (1TB) drives. I used the enclosure to backup all our family photos and videos. Today, the drive was not visible in Windows Explorer, so I restarted the computer and the enclosure, still no luck. I went to disk management, and it says the drive is unallocated...which really worries me how it could go from a working volume to unallocated. So my question is if I chose to format the unallocated volume, will the other rebuild and restore the data to that drive? If that wont work what is the best/safest way to ensure I get ALL the data back? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  1. Does the Nexstar have a software to configure the device? If yes, what is the status of the RAID1 array? Typically, for RAID1, you would simply instruct the device rebuild the RAID. Format is never to good option if you want to retain your data.
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