Can 4850 damage new monitor?

Wanting to get a new monitor soon, but I suspect that my sapphire 4850 is dying. I've been getting artifacts in games (especially black triangles.) The 4850 will not respond to CCC commands. I'm not quite ready to buy a new graphics card, but I do want to upgrade monitors. My concern is that my dying graphics card will damage or surge my new monitor thus damaging it. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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  1. I wouldn't think so.

    Although to solve your problem try uninstalling CCC, then use Driver Sweeper to get rid of all the leftover files, and install Catalyst 10.7 and see if that helps.
  2. 4850 Triangle/Artifacts:

    Provide the specs of your PC including PSU model and brand.

    When was the last time you clean your 4850?

    What case do you use?

    GPU is less like to damage a CRT or LCD.
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