Need Help upgrading Dell 530s <$300!

I have a dell 530s with the Following specs:
E2160 1.8ghz
2gb ddr2 RAM
250gb 7200rpm hd
Radeon HD 4350
250w PSU

I have $300, I would like to make this computer better for gaming, so suggestions for new parts that would speed up gameing would be great!

P.S.: I would be willing to upgrade the PSU even if it means it has to sit outside the case!
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  1. save your money for a new build. you need to upgrade too many parts.
  2. I am a big fan of upgrading what you have BUT in this case if you have a 300 dollar budget then I would say do a new build if you can handle building your own or look on craigslist or ebay for used tower with better specs.
    with 300 dollars plus selling your tower you would have enough for a nice new AMD Athlon or Phenom X4 setup or look for a used C2Quad setup.

    Otherwise look into a new PSU preferably that fits your case.
    There is a Toms member here by the name Malmental who is a former Dell Tech and probably could tell you what PSUs would fit. He knows his sh*t.
    Plus maybe a Nvidia GT 250 or 285
    Plus 2 more gigs of ram.
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