The Samsung 830 Apocalypse

Seems with the new Samsung 840 and 840 Pro out, the stock of 830's is becoming increasingly limited. Are they just going to discontinue the 830 series all together now? I have been looking for a good deal on a 830 128gb and it seems the prices are slowly creeping up as the supply runs out. It seems Samsung decided to split up the product line into a more entry level 840 non pro version using questionable TLC NAND and the more 830 series comparable 840 Pro. I honestly should have picked it up for like 90 bucks when I had the chance. I guess I could also just get a slower crucial m4 if I have to.

Anyone know of a reputable online retailer still selling the 830 series 128gb for a good price? or should I splurge a bit more and get a 840 pro?
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  1. Cheap 830's are still plentiful, however, they are most often discounted during specials. I have seen the 128gb 830 on sale for 70$ several different times in the previous weeks, keep an eye on Newegg and Amazon quick deals, also, subscribe to Neweggs e-mailer, they have lots of great exclusive deals (not just to e-mail subscribers, but knowing the deal is happening is half the battle).
  2. Sadly Newegg has been sold out of 830 128gb for a couple of weeks now or I would have just bought one yesterday for like 109 plus shipping. I will keep on the hunt, but would like to get this first time build done ASAP to get gaming!
  3. It's not like your going to see any performance increase (beyond load times) with using an SSD, if your getting an HDD just wait till you find a good deal on an SSD to buy.
  4. Yeah, what I go with what Chugot said. You won't really see a performance increase, just load times. I have a Samsung 830 128GB and I was going to get a 256GB one earlier this week, but I was finding it hard to get a hold of for a good price, so I just decided to go with the normal 250GB 840 drive. Honestly, you won't notice any real world differences between SSD's apart from benchmark scores. Get whatever is cheapest, although my experience with Samsung has been exceptional so far.
  5. So, anyone know if any place right now is selling a 830 128gb for a nice deal? I have thus far only seem one for $109 on and wondering if it would be a good buy at that price.

    Also, doesnt it concern you that the regular 840's using less durable and slower TLC NAND Freakyguy88?
  6. never mind thats the 840. the 830 is slowly disappearing and the prices have only been going up

    on the TLC thing. the whole write endurance is completely overblown and the average user will come nowhere near using all the P/E cycles. the real problem with TLC nand is its slower then MLC nand. most people wont actually notice the difference unless benchmarking.
  7. Ok so as of last night Newegg has an epromo for Samsung 840 (nonpro) 250gb for $149! Should I jump on this chance?
  8. gamerlana said:
    Ok so as of last night Newegg has an epromo for Samsung 840 (nonpro) 250gb for $149! Should I jump on this chance?

    Uh.... yes you most definitely should. In fact, I might get myself one of those for that price. Any idea until when the price will be that low?

    It ends tonight at 11:59. I imagine this is at West coast time.
  10. Also, anyone else care to weigh in on this if I should buy this over a crucial m4 or the older 830 series?

    The 840 series somehow actually went DOWN in write speed over the 830 series.
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    that's because the 840 pro is the replacement for the 830. the 840 pro is faster then the 830. the regular 840 is a downgrade from the 830 because of the TLC nand. your other option would be the intel 330 240GB for $150. both drives have cons. the intel has MLC nand but uses a sandforce controller so its not as good with incompressible data. encryption, compression, image/video files. the regular 840 uses TLC nand which is slower and has less P/E cycles. if you can afford the m4 i would get that over the intel 330 or the plain samsung 840.
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