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Hello there. I have a simple question; what would be the best GPU for me in my current situation. I am going to mostly use it for WoW, but i want to try out games like Far Cry 2 and Crysis and still be able to have playable frames. Dx11 really isn't that big of a deal to me. I will not hesitate to buy a used card as long as the seller is reputable. I only have a small loving budget of around $100.

Biostar mcp6p m2+
2gb ddr2
Corsair 650w
1600x600 20 inch
Amd Athlon II x4 @ 2.6ghz

I saw some cards on ebay like the hd 5750, hd 4850, hd 4870. They all look the same to me so i need some help. Thanks guys.
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  1. 4870 would be the best of the bunch if you don't care about it being used and you don't care about DX11.

    If you want a new card, this is probably the best for your price range.

    For reference
    4870> 5750 > GTS 250 (that i linked) > 4850
  2. I think this is a better deal than that GTS 250;
    The cards are very close in performance really and the DDR5 on that card may actually make it better than the GTS 250(I have no idea to be honest but maybe.) It's a better deal in any case imo.
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