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is there any program , which can overlock the cpu?
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  1. There are many programs out there that are for overclocking.
    First: Do you have a brand computer EX. Dell, HP, Gateway
    If yes: I know of couple ways to overclock those
    If not tell me your motherboard name
    Second: of you do not have proper cooling you probably should not overclock
  2. scythe katana 3 cooler , fujitsusiemens scaleo p with intel core duo 2,13 ghz
  3. I have know idea what motherboard you have soo... look through your BIOS to see if there are any overclocking utility if there are use that if not The programs i would use are CPUFSB or CLOCKgen its much safer to overclock through the BIOS and much more stable. BTW you heatsink is more than enough for overclocking up to 4.0Ghz.
  4. really? , over the bios it wouldn't work , bios doesn't support that , how much would i get with an defuault cooler? , cus then i would let the scythe katana in the box and use the degault until x-mas when i get an i7-860 with 4,2 ghz
  5. I don't know what you are asking.
  6. ps. my power supply just have 240 watt ... it's an normal pc just ... how much would you say that i should overclock, with 240 watt powersupply and default cooler
  7. Ummm wow, first of all you need to upgrade your powersupply when your Intel i7-860 comes, that PSU does not have enough power to power that new Intel. If you are going to overclock i would probably overclock to then point where my computer is stable and then go a little under just for safety. I am not sure if you can overclock that much so that the powersupply would not be able to power that CPU.
  8. the new cpu gets an 800 watt power supply 2 Sapphire 5970 cards wanna get to some energy then^^ and 6 igs of ram^^, ps. is CPUFSB freeware?? , ps. it's enough to get on that old cpu 2,6 ghz^^
  9. CPUFSB can easeliy get that CPU @ 2.6Ghz, lol i remember when i used that on my old P4 got it from 1.8Ghz up to 2.2Ghz. CPUFSB is not freeware but you can download it and use it but the only down side to it is that you wont be able to save the overclock so every time you turn on your PC you have to overclock again (it stay overclocked until you turn off your PC).
  10. thats not so bad , I would be just happy when my cpu gets a bit more power^^

    thanks for you'r help!
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