CPU cooler wrong way installed?

I've installed a Thermaltake Contac so the fan is exhausting up under the top fan in my Antec Two Hundred. Is this the right position or should I flip the fan so it faces the GPU? Or should it face the rear fan? Here is an image:

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  1. normally it should touch the cpu, to cool with the best results
  2. It is, but which direction should the fan be facing?
  3. Set the fan to push, how? Should I just readjust the heatsink so it faces the DVD burner like so:\

  4. Thanks. Last question, should I reapply the thermal paste into a thin layer like the manual recommends with a bit of card or a small drop in the middle that spreads out?
  5. Just for thought, I have read some heat-sink benchmarks with heat-pipe coolers and they have said positioning the heat-pipes so they are working across a horizontal plain and not a vertical plain, they perform a few degrees C better because of the cooling agent in the heat-pipes not having to overcome gravity.

    It is up to you to make judgement, but if you want to get every little bit of colling, maybe try to run some benchmarks on your own PC to see what position cools the best for you.
  6. Thanks for all the answers! Time to reapply.
  7. ct1615 said:
    ...shouldn't gravity have an equal effect on the HSF
    Sorry, I did make a big typo in my first post and it has been edited to be correct.

    But...I was referring to the horizontal or vertical orientation of the heat-pipes themselves, which in one position the cooling agent they use in the heat-pipes will be traveling across a vertical plain and the other a horizontal plain(HERE is a link to a large picture, I didn't want to load it on the thread) of the supposed better position in the context of better cooling performance out of the heat-pipes.

    I will try to locate the article I am referring to.

    [UPDATE] - This is not the article I read but it does prove the same point, but due to the design of the HSF they used the results were amplified. http://vr-zone.com/articles/Scythe_Zipang_-_Super_Size_Me!!/5536-5.html
  8. I installed the cooler the way Thermaltake specified, down to the Tt. I couldn't mount it the other way due to the socket. It is facing my 6870:


    Idle temps are 33 celsius down from 40 when the fan was the other way. RPM's is down to 1180 or so from 1300rpm. I will also install a front Antec TriCool 120mm. Does this look right?
  9. I shifted the cooler back a slight bit before clamping, and as far as I can see the heatpipes are properly positioned. Anyway, thanks for all the help.
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