Help recovering external drive data for the boss!

Hi guys,

So my boss has a buffalo box that he seems to have killed. I believe it is the HD-PEU2 model but only from google images as he doesnt know the exact model. Either way it is USB powered but when you plug it in you have to fiddle with the wire untill the light comes on (On the box), but even then the computer does not pick it up. He knows that i have a basic knowledge of computers (I build my own, thats all) and has tasked me with trying to get the information from the hard drive... I recommended he took it to a proper shop but he doesnt want that because he is convinced he has stuff on there that would get him in trouble (I have no idea... but he is getting on a bit and probably thinks the odd bit of porn is illegal). He basicly has no options other than for me to try, and is completely aware that he might never see anything that was on there again.

From some research i have come up with removing the disk and fixing it up to my home pc as an internal drive, i just wanted to check if anyone knows of a particular reason i wouldnt be able to do this? Since it is USB powered will it still have an internal power connector and a sata or ide port? And any notes on getting the box itself open would be nice!

My current pc has sata ports and my old pc is sat in my front room incase i ever need its ide ports so if it can be done i have the tools!

If anyone can help me i promise to buy you all a beer (Somehow) with the raise i will get! :)

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  1. You can either disassemble the Buffalo enclosure and install internal to a desktop or you can put the drive into an external enclose. The drive inside will be a standard HDD. It looks like it uses a laptop sized (2.5 inch drive) SATA drive. A standard SATA power and data cable will attach easily.

    Have you tried another USB cable?

    You could stuff into an enclosure like this one when done:
  2. Well that was what i was hoping i just wanted to check theres no form of encryption or something way above me that will stop me from accessing the data or something. Yes weve tried another usb cable. And thats a good idea i was going to install it to his work computer afterwards if it worked but i think thats a better plan!

    Is it a case of prying the enclosure open do you nkow or are there some form of hidden screws for me to find? Last time i looked i couldnt see a way of opening it up?

  3. That case probably slides apart with the proper pressure. Look at the base and look for a seam.
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