Hp dv6-3120 The only problem I have had is when it wants to download BIOS It fre

Had a difficult time in doing the bios upgrade. Computer is a brandnew model HP dv63120us.
Should I send it back for another or get a different brand like Toshiba?
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  1. Hi ngc, Welcome to THW.

    If you want help with your bios update, we need specifics on what king of trouble you are having. Is here a reason or problem with the PC that you are trying to solve by updating your bios?

    If you want help finding out what PC to get we need your intended use for the PC and list or links of there detailed specs.
  2. Never let a pc do a auto-download and flash. Download and do it manually, the HP windows based flasher is pretty good, have done ot 3 times so far to my DV7.
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