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hello, i know this is a noob question to do with SSD's but im a little confused. when a system has a SSD and a hard drive, how do you chose which one to store on when intalling something, such as a game. also, i would install my operating system onto the SSD but how would you chose for it to load onto the SSD, not the hard drive (the only things i would want on the SSD were the operationg system and games i play a lot). the only thing i can think of is if you unplug the hard drive every time you want the program to intall on the SSD but there must a an easier way. once again sorry for the noob question. :)
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  1. When installing your OS you'll be asked "What storage device do you want to use" or some such, pick the SSD from the list (if thats what you want).

    For games (and all other programs) you'll be asked where you want to install it. Just change the drive letter from C to D (or whatever your target HDD/SSD is labled) and install away.
  2. thanks for the reply. does this include steam games?
  3. Uitius said:
    thanks for the reply. does this include steam games?

    You will be asked where you want to install steam. Once steam is installed it will put your default steam game installation in the same folder as steam was installed. But you can change where each game installs - steam will ask you if you want to install to a different directory.
  4. Read though some of the articles here under the tweaks and optimizations. It shows you how to change the default install(program) directory to your HDD.

    Also I use a program called Steam Mover to move games from my default HDD location to my SDD. It creates junction points, and copies the data over for you.
  5. ok thank you for the help.
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