Uncorrectable CRC or ECC error on read

Hi guys, I need some help regarding the problem described at the title. I have a 2TB Samsung HDD (model HD204UI), I use it to storage videos, movies, etc, but lately it started to crash, for example, when I am watching a movie, the media player suddenly freezes and the HDD Led at the case keep lit, in the last few days the freezes became constantly, so I suspected of bad blocks. I used a hiren's boot CD and loaded the HDAT2 to check for bad blocks, and it is showing that "CRC or ECC" error. I was searching on google about this message and found this image:

Mine is quite similar, right now as I write this, the errors line shows W/V/W/V = 28/5523/0/9 and the test is stuck at 3% for about 4 hours. Are there too many errors that will force me to get another HDD? Or can I somehow recover it? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. you need a new drive. now.
  2. abbadon_34 said:
    you need a new drive. now.

    Thanks for replying, I'm already searching for a new drive, although now I'm somewhat disappointed with Samsung, because I bought this drive last year and I have 2 others hard drives in my PC (one seagate and one WD) that are older than this samsung and they still works flawless. Any suggestions to buy a new 2TB HDD? I want something to last some years
  3. Note:Hdd manufacturer give 3 years warenty.if u r hdd is not 3year old ask manufacturer for to get new one (free).bill is required.
  4. Buy segate 3tb and get 5 years warenty. no tension for 5years.
  5. As above, pay attention to warrenties, manufactures have been changing them quite a bit lately. Drives die, just a fact of life, you always need to be prepared. I've always been happy with WD not because their drives don't die, but because they are great on the RMA and Advanced RMA side. It's nice getting a new drive the next day and having a month to send in your old one (just don't forget, or else your replacement is going to cost you double).
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