A good Nvidia or ATi graphics card for gaming

I want to upgrade my graphics card my current graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 9500gt 1 gigabyte
i need a good graphics card not too cheap not too expensive but i want to play current games and upcoming games on high setting i also need to know if my motherboard can support the graphics card my motherboard is a GiGabyte 945GCM-S2L
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  1. What is your budget? Not to expensive and not to cheap, these mean different things to different people.

    You have a PCI-e express slot, so any PCI-e 2.0 will work (the usual now).
  2. Your motherboard is fine. What is going to limit your selection of cards will be your power supply and budget so tell us more. Also tell us your monitor's native resolution and your processor.
  3. My native resolution is 1024-768 and CPU is a intel core 2 duo my power supply is 200 watt my bugdet max 200 by the way why is the resolution important sorry i am just new to this kinda of thing
  4. Resolution is important becuase you don't need as powerful of a GPU at lower resolutions. Also 200w is pretty low. I would personally spend 150 on a GPU and 50 on a PSU.
  5. Oops sorry, meant to edit my last post not make a new one, getting tired.

    Anyway here is what I picked out for you,

    Corsair 450TX + HD 5770



  6. So my cpu is ok for gaming i need a better power supply how much watts do i need thanks for all the help
  7. sorry about that didnt see the link so the graphics card all games at high settings
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