New Sata drive stops Win8 starting up

I have just bought a new SATA hard drive and installed it as extra storage on my system. I have an existing SATA drive in SATA 0. It is brand new and unformatted and I have installed in in SATA 2. It is showing in the BIOS however when Windows 8 starts up I get the message:

"Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then you can restart. (0% Complete)
If you'd like to know more, you can search online later for this error: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE"

If I unplug the new drive, windows 8 starts up fine.

Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

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  1. Change the boot order in the bios; It appears that you have the bios set to boot to the new hard drive first.
  2. Unfortunately it isn't that, the boot order was correct in the first place. I changed it to see if I had it wrong, but I got the same message. Is now back in the correct order but I am still getting the same message.
    It is really odd, SATA should be easy....
  3. Sorry, but it IS trying to boot from that device. You're missing something in the bios is all that I can think of. The error message is pretty self-explanatory.

    Anyone else have any other ideas.
  4. Try putting the new hard drive's sata connector to a different SATA port if you can't find anything in the bios. You may have more than one SATA controller and it is booting to the SATA 2 connector first. One may be Intel and the other a Marvel controller.
  5. Thanks for trying mate - I really appreciate it.

    My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3 - the existing hard drive is connected to the SATA_2.0, the new drive I have connected to the SATA2_3.
    I will try swapping the new drive to SATA2_1 and see if that fixes it.

    If it makes any difference, the existing drive is an Western Digital Blue Caviar (partitioned into 3 drives), the new drive is a Seagate Barracuda (unformatted).

  6. Nah, changing the SATA to SATA2_1 didn't help anything.
    Any other suggestions?
  7. Do this and make sure the proper one is selected:Instructions

    Choose From Multiple Operating Systems

    Click "Start," then right-click on "Computer" on the "Start" menu. Choose "Properties" to open a dialog box.


    Click the "Advanced' tab. Click the "Settings" button under "Startup and Recovery," which will open another dialog box.


    Open the drop-down menu under "Default Operating System." Choose an alternate OS and click "OK." Exit out of the other dialog box to complete changing the primary operating system in a multi-boot configuration.
  8. I only have the one operating system - Windows 8. I am not trying to make a dual boot system, I only want to add more disk space to my existing windows install.
    In the Default Operating System there is only the option for Windows 8 - I can't change it at all.

    I can load up windows without any problems when I only have the one disk attached, when I add the new second hard drive only then does windows not start up.

    I think it is something in the bios but I have not idea what - the boot order is set up right and I am not sure what else I can do to make it ignore the unformatted second disk.

    Could it be a power issue? The second hard drive takes too much power and both the hard drives don't get power?

  9. That shouldn't matter.

    Download your motherboard's manual and read about boot device settings.

    Also make sure that you are running your motherboard's newest bios version.

    Try the hard drive in another computer if possible also, in case there is something wrong with the hard drive itself.
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