How to change the mother board in a HP Pavillion p6310f

I would like information on how to change a mother board in My HP Pavillion Desktop Model P6310f. I am pretty good with fixing things. I want to make sure the right things are connected to the right place. My computer is a little over a year and out of warranty. I first thought it was the hard drive, but it wasn't. Any help in this matter would be helpful.

Mrs Heard
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  1. Are you replacing the motherboard with an exact replacement, or just a similar board?

    I would advise you to take some digital photos of the connectors so you can reference them when the new board is going in.

    Also, if you are replacing it with a different board, I would purchase one that was as similar as possible, or at least the same brand of CPU (Intel or AMD). And be warned that if you ever need to reinstall Windows you will need to purchase a new copy of Windows because your current copy will not install on a different motherboard.
  2. Are you replacing the current motherboard with the same model number? If you aren't, you could be facing more of a challenge than you'd expect. Prefabricated, or Prebuilds, as they're called on Tom's, computers often have proprietary connectors that are specifically designed to connect to one model motherboard, the one that the computer was built on.

    Open your case up, and look around for the front panel jumpers. The easiest way to do this is to trace the power button switch wires to the motherboard. Do you see one large connector, or does the power button switch have two wires connected individually to the motherboard?
  3. I am sorry as I have been away. I will be replacing the motherboard with the same one that was in the computer when it was purchased.
  4. In that case, the replacement job will be much simpler.

    Step one: Disconnect all wires to the motherboard
    Step two: Remove all screws that are securing the motherboard to the case
    Step three: Remove the motherboard
    Step Four: Remove the RAM, the heatsink, and the CPU
    Step Five: Place new motherboard on a non-conductive surface (phonebook, wood, etc)
    Step Six: Reverse the removal order
  5. Thanks thats what I was going to do, now just have to wait for motherboard to arrive.
  6. I had a client that replaced his HP for a Bigger, Better, Faster computer,and he was going to throw the old machine out?! I told him "I'll take it!" Then put in a New Mobo, so I did what T_T did, but put an ASUS MOBO in, with an AMD 64 Quad Core, a 500 Gb d-drive, and a Solid State C: Primary Master, along with DDR3 memory, and a Nvidia video card. This thing screams, and there was "NO" modifications needed to the case! I did a "similar" update to another clients old Micron (those cases were tripple fanned, made of thick steel, andRFI insulated on all sides! The original mobo is a good idea, but "I have a Need for Speed!"

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