Hotter with after-market cooler

Hey guys, I just purchased a Scythe Musashi after looking at a few reviews for my GTS250. It was running at 62 idle, 87 load, so I was trying to get that down a little.

I've fitted it what feels like corrrectly.. pretty sure I've done everything right, but at the moment it's idling at 72 and 103 under load - after about 20 seconds - I always abort because I don't want it frying itself!

Any ideas? Is it guarenteed I've fitted it wrong?
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  1. sounds like you didn't install it right
  2. It's a pain, but I'd say you just have to try again.
  3. Yeah you just didn't install it right man, redo it make sure you follow the directions to the T.
  4. Try again, buddy... :)
  5. did you use thermal paste?
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