Clarkdale: 540-560 vs 650

Speaking of a mid-range gaming system with low TDP desirable, is there much of a tradeoff if one installs a core i3 CPU, something in the range of 540 to 560, compared to a core i5 650?

For some reason the 650 is priced much higher (just below the 760 which offers nice quad core performance), and going with the core i3 CPU would offer a nice saving of some 30 to 70 euros in the system price. Performance seems to be almost equal, as well as TDP - the major difference is cost.

In Anandtech benchmarks, the CPUs are pretty close - esp. if you upgraded the 540 in the chart to a 560. And this is in a gaming scenario where the CPU is the bottleneck - usually we're looking at the GPU anyway.

The mobo to use is the same, based on H55 chipset.
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  1. These are '07 benches. new software might utilize better somewhere else. Get either an i7 or an i5 OR even the 1090t by AMD.
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