Acer Aspire M3201

Im wondering if my Motherboard on the Acer M3201 can fit AM3 Cpus. Thanks
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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    Have you googled the motherboard?

    I am pretty sure it is.
  2. I have the same board as you, it's an Acer RS780HVF. AM3 has a different amount of sockets and contacts than AM2+ I think, but an AM3 CPU may work. You should send AMD or Acer an email enquiring about this.

    I found this, hopefully it's of relevance; AM3 processors are backwards-compatible with Socket AM2+, contingent upon a BIOS update for the motherboard. Manufacturers including Asus,[6] Gigabyte,[7] and others have labeled existing AM2/AM2+ boards as being "AM3 Ready" or similar, indicating that BIOS support is provided for the specified boards. This allows existing AM2/AM2+ systems to upgrade the CPU without having to upgrade any other components.
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