Asus P8P67 M-Pro running sli with sound card

I'm looking at running an Asus P8P67 M-Pro in sli with a Zonar DX sound card in a Lian Li PC-V354 case. I'm wondering if the PCIe x 1 slots will be blocked by gpu cards or the case constraints. Also what would be a good cpu cooler small enough to clear the psu. I will probally go ATX if i'm unsure this can work, thanks.
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    No way. Current video cards occupy two slots. Get some ATX mobo. Look for one that has a PCIex1 slot above the first video card slot. You have the sound card already?
  2. Thanks for the reply, you confirmed my suspicions. I'm going mATX to save dollars and lessen desktop space. My other option is just forget about sli and put the sound card in the second PCIe x 16 slot. Not sure if the PCIe x 1 card will be accepted though. No I haven't purchased the card yet.
  3. You can run that sound card on any PCIe slot. Also you can get the Xonar D1, same card on PCI but still won't work on that mobo. This board is too expensive?
  4. Thanks very much mosox for the heads up on the Xonar D1. I will probally go with that card and not bother with sli. It's a shame the Lian Li PC-V354 case has 5 expansion ports but as far as I can tell no mATX mobo's support it.
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