Hard Drive not working.

So the other day my computer fell over and got unplugged. When I turned it back on it wouldn't load windows. I checked connections and everything. The diagnostics said that a hard drive was in fact there. I figured maybe it was the computer so I put my laptop hard drive in. Everything went well and started up normally. So it must be the hard drive. When I start up I can hear the hard drive running so idk what is going on. I tried safe mode and startup repair an crap with windows 7 but it wouldn't work. So I ordered a hard drive enclosure. I put my hard drive in while using my other hard drive my computer recognized that there was a device being plugged in. It loaded a few drives. One titled SYSTEM one titled HP_TOOLS one titled HP_RECOVERY and one titled local disk. It won't let me open local disk. Every time I try it crashes windows explorer. I then tried booting windows from USB. Wouldn't load windows from then either. Can someone, anyone tell me what is wrong with the hard drive? How can I fix this? I'm on win7 x64. Please someone help I am in dire need of my hard drive. I only have some of it backed up and I need all of it.
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  1. if you have a external box to tets that drive plug in usb on you laptop but since system fall down could a part of the drive that broke on the fall if you could have acces to it try the drive maker tool to test it .
  2. I'm sorry I could only understand half of what you said. I plugged it in my laptop and tie a few things. I tried opening the local disk drive and it told me I needed to format it to use it. I knew right then that the hard dive was fine but when it came unplugged it corrupted it. So I have to format I guess unless there's a way out if doin that? Anyone?
  3. Download ubuntu and make bootable cd .boot via cd .goto try before install option backup datas u r wanted in laptop hdd. if it failed fromat the hdd is the only way. then recovery softwares can help to get all datas back but not 100% garenty in files.
  4. After recovery if the hdd is in warenty period give it to the manufacturer and get a new one (free).if warenty is end buy a new one is recomended.
  5. this is what i was writing about to put the drive in to test as external on the laptop http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817145132
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