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How difficult is it to create a web server to host my own simple website? We already have great very fast cable based Internet Service. What are the requirment of a computer to act as our server. I have an AMD 785 Mobo, 4 Core Phenom 2 with DDR 2 Ram..Would this be suffient to act as a Web Server?
Where can I learn about creating a web server?
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    Any computer is sufficient. the problem is firewalls.. what your isp is blocking.. and security so people cant take over your computer.
  2. Easiest thing to do is simply google "How to Create a Web Server". Sound simple enough right? A Home Server doesn't have high requirements, the main thing you have to consider is home much stuff you want to store, and therefore consider your HDD. The other important thing, probably most important, is your Internet uptime. Is your internet laggy? And also make sure you check out your upload speed. If your internet connection is fine, then off you go. Hope this helped, but ask any questions that you might have.
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