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So I have a 128gb SSD as my C: drive with just windows 7 on it and a 15gb game (I accidentally installed BF3 to the wrong directory and can move it in the future) I try to make sure I install everything to my storage drive but the C: drive seems to slowly be filling up, I have 30gb left on it now. What would you suggest the proper course of action would be? Also, can I delete the folders that contain previous nVidia driver installations? I'm not sure if I want to replace this drive as I like the SSD and I don't need it as storage at all. Thanks to anyone who can offer up a suggestion!
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  1. Yes you can delete those folders, and do you have a second hdd? I'd get windirstat to see whats using up so much room, just google it to find it. Also i'd recommend CCleaner to get rid of crap files you have on the computer, you'd be surprised on how many you have.
  2. Unless you switched it manually, all of your stuff on your desktop and user files(like my documents, my pictures,etc) are on the C drive. I had to manually change it so that my desktop saves stuff to the storage drive and not the ssd. Also its ok to delete the nvidia driver files. Those files are extracted installation files. Just dont delete the drivers itself (they are in a different folder).

    Also I recommend that you keep BF3 on the ssd if you play in frequently, it helps on load time.
  3. Thanks guys, I don't have anything in Documents/pictures etc. I will run CCleaner though, I have heard a lot about it and was just too lazy to download it. On another, slightly different note, I was thinking of sticking a 1tb drive in along with my 500gb storage drive and, for the sake of tidiness, combining the two by extending the partition of the 500gb drive. Would the JBOD setup be effective? And how would the setup react if one drive were to fail? Thanks!
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