Trouble setting BIOS password.... again

About a month and a half ago I posted a question on this forum about setting a BIOS password. Here is the original post:

"I am having trouble setting a BIOS user password. When I set the password and save, the system boots and goes straight to the OS without prompting me for a password. Upon re-entering the BIOS I am prompted for a password. Naturally I assumed that I must have absentmindedly set the supervisor password instead of the user password, so I cleared the supervisor password and set the user password and saved the setting. Same thing occurred, system boots and goes straight into the OS. I also tried just setting the supervisor password and clearing the user password, just to see if for some reason it was switched. I have also tried setting them both, but no matter what I do I can't get a password prompt before the OS loads. I was able to set a password on a different computer with the same exact BIOS with no problems. Any ideas on how I could fix this?

BIOS version: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Motherboard: Gigabyte G31M-ES2L"

I received no answers, so I decided I would forget about it. Then today I tried the same thing on a new build and I encountered the same problem. I have never had this problem on any other computer. The only similarities between the two computers in question is they both have the same version BIOS (but I have managed to rule that out since another computer that has that version doesn't have the problem), and that they both have GIGABYTE motherboards. Any ideas?

Also, has anyone with a GIGABYTE motherboard and Award BIOS v6.00PG been able to set a BIOS password?
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  1. Someone answered the question I posted the first time. They were having the same problem and they discovered a fix. If anyone is having the same issue than you can thank the user skawpio for the fix.

    skawpio posted:

    The time is now 1:29am, I just got home 10 minutes ago, dove on my PC and I've come bearing GOOD NEWS!!! I referred to the old trusty USER MANUAL (of all places) and found the SOLUTION!!! Who'd have thunk it? lol

    Anyway, although we have different Gigabyte models, I'll bet the BIOS setting are the same. Below are the steps:

    - Enter BIOS
    - Advanced BIOS Features
    - Password Check
    - Enable SYSTEM and THEN set the system password
    - Save the settings upon exit and VOILA!! You're done!!
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