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Code 10 device can not start for revodrive 3

December 12, 2012 11:37:46 PM

I am just trying to get some data off of a revo drive.
I can get to the screen where it shows boot options that i set up with a few different iso images like hirens boot disk and paragon.
But if i try to boot to windows on the revo it gives error about missing or corrupt registry.

If i use a different drive to boot, when i add the drivers for the revo it says code 10 can not start.

so in summary i can only get the revo to work before windows loads and then the only thing it can do is load an iso file and get me to places like mini xp or paragon.
None of those programs seem to see the revo even if i load the drivers.

I was hoping someone here might have an idea of some way to transfer some files off the revo drive.
It seems to me that if i can get it to load boot options and then boot into different boot iso files that it is working to some degree.

please i hope we can keep the discussion focused on matters that help me get my data off the drive.
thanks in advance