i7 950 S-spec: SLBEN is D0 or C0 ?

How do you know what's my proc - D0 or C0 ? Where can I find this information ? I've just bought my i7 950 and reading about the P6X58D matherboard I found it supports only D0.

The S-spec: SLBEN so is not related with the S-specs discussed on the thread.

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  1. Hi danvilnoiu, Welcome to THW.

    I make this easy for you to figure out :D All i7-950's are D0.

    If you have any other specs you want to know just say something. :)
  2. Thanks for the prompt answer!

    So, the 920 and 965 was C0 and 950 is D0 based on what I see on the web, is there any table with them ? I did not find this info on the Intel's website ...
  3. Form what I can remember, the 920 had C0 at launch time and then moved onto D0 and I believe the 930 was all D0, I am not sure about the 965, as I have never really looked into that chip much. Intel as far as I know doesn't make this info available on their sit and if they do its probably a pain to find like a lot of things there :)

    I will try to find a database or chart with this info on it. I'll post it up if I do.

    Copied from ("A quick way to distinguish between the two Core i7 steppings is to check if the small vertical marking (highlighted in red) is present. CPUs with the new D0 stepping do not have this marking. So in this case, the chip on the left is the new Core i7-975 Extreme Edition.")
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    Here you go! Wiki to the rescue :D All i7's S-Spec and Stepping info :
  5. Thanks thechief73!
  6. Hey, Your Welcome. I am glad to help you out. :)
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  8. I make this easy for you to figure out :D All i7-950's are D0.

    Is it certain? I badly need to know that..
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