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my mobo's heatsinks are blocking my CPU cooler. would it be safe to remove one? I use a haf 932 case with plenty of case fans
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  1. mobo is p8p67 pro
  2. I have the same Board and case. What cooler are you trying to install?
  3. ultra u12 x-wind 120mm
  4. it fits in fine but I can't lock it on the mount because the lock hits the heatsink or heatsink and RAM depending on which way its turned
  5. Can't you just turn it the direction it doesn't hit? That would be far wiser than removing the heatsink for the CPU's MOSFET circuitry. And it's not like it's actually a directional heatsink/fan to begin with -- it's an "orb" design.
  6. no there is a heatsink on the left and above the CPU. I'm going to try it once more then send it back and try a vertical fan if it won't fit.
  7. if anyone has the same motherboard as me and a good CPU cooler let me know. I even considered going to a water cooler as they look to be easy fits.
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