3 Pin CPU Cooler with 4 Pin CPU_FAN slot..?

Hey guys.

I'm building my new PC and I ran into a problem. I have a Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 Motherboard which has a 4 Pin CPU_FAN slot, but my Noctua NH-C14 has a 3 Pin Connector. Is there an adapter I need or something? Thanks in advance!

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    you can still connect it but fan control might not work
  2. awesome. thank you so much! so i'm guessing the fan/fans will just run at full speed all the time then? hopefully thats the case.
    thanks again!
  3. yes i think it may run at full speed --noctua should still be pretty quiet even at full speed -- just take a quick look when you turn it on to be sure its spinning--but i dont think you can do it wrong the pictures pretty clear
  4. Definitely can connect three pin fan into a four pin connector.

    I don't know about that motherboard, but there are a few which can do fan control on a 3 pin fan from the 4 pin connector - the 3 pin connector is so common.

    Alternatively, I'm fairly sure that the Noctua comes with their voltage lowering cables - you plug one in between the fan and the connector, and the fan runs at a lower voltage and consequently lower speed.
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