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Very recently there has been a strange high pitched noise coming from my computer. It has also completely frozen up twice since last Sunday (couldn't even get caps lock to turn on). My guess is that it is the HDD since it is coming from that area, though my HDD cage is close to my PSU (which is somewhat new). My HDD is only 4 months old. I have backed up my data just in case it will fail. In the last week I have been messing around with partitioning and formatting drives. I've changed my partition table on it maybe 5 times and formatted it maybe 20. Could this be the cause on such noises/failure?
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  1. Ok so I just opened up my case and it is confirmed to be the HDD as well as I can hear beeping noises when my ear is to it.
  2. Give it to the manufacturer and get a new one thats the solution and u r in warenty period. if hard drives head and sectors are complind no software can cure that. u r in warenty period so if u formate and partition above 1000 times u get new one if the hdd fails.
  3. Since you have backed up everything I would suggest, as mentioned above, that you RMA the drive and get a replacement. The sooner the better. Out of curiosity what is the model number of the Seagate drive?
  4. Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003

    I'd RMA it but I'd have to go without a computer basically until Seagate gave me a new HDD. Though I suppose I could install Fedora on my backup HDD and just pop it back in my old PC when it's done. I split my HDDs into two partitions so it shouldn't be an issue. Makes reinstalling a lot easier. I also reinstalled Windows 8 Saturday. Could that affect it at all?
  5. Seatools, Speed Fan and HD Tune show it to be fine. Then again software can't always be trusted.
  6. Have you tried running chkdsk on the drive? The following link list the options you can use with chkdsk:
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    If a sector head motor in hdd is damaged no way to cure it. windows know about badsector so if a file is in badsector it replace that file to another location so system hanging is reduced only , not cured at all. so replace is the solution for all.
  8. Yes and no errors were found. The only signs have been the crashes and the strange sounds. It works fine now (other than the crashes). It's noise is similar to the way old HDDs would sound, really cranky except high pitched.
  9. In fact I can't even get a recording of it despite being as loud as the fans.
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