Motherboard not recognizing solid state as SATA

Hi evreyone,
My ASUS p6x58d premium is not recognizing my two intel solid state drives as sata it only sees them as pata. If you could please help.
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  1. What do you mean?

    What is the difference between recognising them as SATA and PATA?

    I had no problem connecting a Vertex 2 to a P6X58D Premium.
  2. Likewise. I have the same mobo range (P6X58D-E) and it just picks them up as SATA in the BIOS and in Windows, it sees it as a removable drive for some reason... even though it is set as a bootable drive from which it is booting from! I personally am using the 120GB OCZ SSD.

    have you tried updating your BIOS, to be on the safe side?

    perhaps you need to do some configuration in the BIOS - setting the mode to be from IDE to SATA/AHCI ?
  3. well my to solid states are going to be raided so they need to be sata
  4. the problem just turned out to be that only 3.0 sata culd be raided not 6.0
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