New card for my Rig!

Hey Ppl's

Been trolling these forums all weekend even started a few other thread's :D

At this very second running
MotherB. Asus P5PL2-E
Petium D 3.2ghz.(crap i know)
2Gb of Ram
MSI 512Mb GT 9500
Atlas 450Watt PSU
XP pro 32 bit

Brought a GT 220 1Gb DDR 2 Gainward card(will never touch gainward again ever!!! :P)
Taking it back on monday for refund(this was the deal if 2nd card did the same thing)

Had a problem where after i installed under load of a game would send a crackle though speaker//headset that got louder as the load did.Plus in game my G19 would also go haywire.

So! i said"Fark you gainward and fark you GT220!!"

Iterwebed over to ebay and brought a brand new!

New SHAW 860W Power Supply (Tri Fan)
AC Input 115/230V 50-60Hz 6A/4A
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5Vsb
Max. Amp 47A 50A 17A 19A 0.8A 3A
Total Output MAX: 860W

for 31$ yes 31$...

Now im looking at GTS 250 as My Cpu is crappy(but hey its the only thing left to upgrade and i will shortly) and anything higher will prob just bottleneck hard(but this is only what i hear no expeance myself)

Few guys said HD 5670 but for some reason my local dealer stears me away from them everytime i bring ATI up why?

willing to spend 250$ and up wanting a card the will see me into a new Cpu but still run of this one till i get a new Cpu


All ideas are welcome!what would you guys do from here?

Thanks heaps !!

Ps guessing with my new PSU can overclock the crap of the Cpu mobo has overclocking in bios.maybe will help till i get a New Cpu
Just one more idea.hehe
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  1. Get a Core2Duo e7600/e8400 with an HD5770, assuming the $250 is your total budget.
  2. You were trolling the forums? Why would you admit that....

    Anyway. Hate to tell you this but that PSU isn't great at all. Its not about wattage its about a highly quality manufacturer. And I've never even head of Shaw. After looking them up I found out they have really bad 12v rails, so I deffinitly wouldn't overcock with it... Usually if its cheap and you think its great, its too good to be true.

    You would have been better off getting a good 500 PSU.. if you can take it back I would.

    For 250 dollars, I would...

    E8400 just as shadow said;

    and a 5670

    You would be better off spring with a 5770 as Shadow said, but I couldn't make it work in your budget.
  3. Seriously, get the 5770 instead of the 5670. I don't care if it goes over your budget. For a lousy $25, you get a far superior video card. The 5670 is barely passable as a gaming card and I would not recommend it. If you get that, your machine is instantly outdated for the better games (well ... outdated even more than the CPU makes it already).

    Here, here's one for $135:
  4. Yeah I agree. Its very hard to upgrade the CPU and GPU for cheap, if you can spring for the 5770 like I said in my last post, its beyond worth it. As you can see others are in agreeance.
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