Hello,guys I have a vostro 200 slim tower(250W) and I'm thinking of getting a radeon HD 5570 cause of its low power consumption and it was made for smaller computers(low profile) but I've noticed that all the 5570's are 2.1 x 16 , so will that fit in my vostro 200 slim tower?
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  1. Here's a PCIe 2.0 5550, which would work fine.
    You could take a risk the 5570 though, it MIGHT work with this new BIOS.

    Theres also HD4650s that would work also.
  2. ok now I know that I have x16 PCI express so the 5570 should fit but I need a new BIOS? for it?
  3. PCIe 2.0 is completely compatible with PCIe 1.0 on almost all mobos, so it will work fine, But PCIe 2.1, though technically compatible with 1.0 sometimes have problems with older PCIe 1.0 Mobos.

    Sometimes updating to a newer BIOS solves this problem, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you are sure what you are doing. It is an option though.
  4. thanks tim for all the info I've spent a week now on video cards ... bought a GTS 250 at first [ didn't pay attention to power consumption and the size ] :(

    anyway thanks
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