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i have a friend that live in england , he needs a help in buying a new pc i recommended the components for him the problem is i found that prices are too high in the uk compared to the uk for examples in online shops and the taxes are so high so i dont know where to buy from ?
also the biggest problem is he cant assembly the parts alone so i want to know if shops in uk do that instead of hiring some one and thanx
plz if i asked in the wrong place tell me also :wahoo:
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  1. Ok the good news is one of our forumites had posted a pretty good Video Blog for DIY PC assembly here

  2. well i can do the assembly too easy i did that alot of times , the problem is my friend cant at all his experience in pc is too low so i wanted to know if shops in uk can do that for him and also recommendation about where to buy coz i found prices are pretty high in the uk and thanx
  3. still no answer :(
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