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For some reason my realtek manager keeps minimizing me out of my games and tells me that I have a mic plugged in but I don't. I had headphones plugged in the front of my antec 300 but nothing in the mic jack. So I unplugged my headphones and it still kept minimizing me out of my game and telling me there is a mic plugged in when there is not so I unplugged. my hda cable from the mobo and now its fine. Is it the hda cable that came with my Antec 300, the mic port on the front of my Antec 300 or my mobo. My mobo is msi p43 c51. I tried reinstalling the drivers and it still says there is a mic plugged in. So right now my hda cable is unplugged so it wont say there is mic plugged in so i can play my game in peace.
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  1. Hmmm..have you contacted MSI over the issue? It may be a hardware malfunction and the software addresses it as an actual event due to an error in the hardware.
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