Hard Drive fails to boot in new PC

I recently just got a new PC and I wanted to move my SSD from my old PC to the new, but everytime I try to boot the SSD in the new PC it crashes and restarts after the windows logo sign with half a second of BSOD. Initially I thought it was the SSD but when I plugged it back into my old PC it worked normal. In the new PC the SSD is recognized in the BIOS and it seems to have no problem until the windows 7 logo comes up. I can even enter the system repair section for the SSD but I cant boot the windows properly. Any ideas on what is wrong?

Setup new PC:
ASUS Maximus V Extreme
i7-3770K (LGA 1155)
EVGA GeForce GTX 680
Rosewill Lightning PSU 1300W
SSD - Kingston HyperX
4x4GB G.Skill Sniper

I have tried removing the Video card and booting
I have tried using only 1 G.Skill Sniper RAM (tried on every slot)
I have tried changing BIOS
I have tried X.M.P
I have tried clearing CMOS (at every situation; i.e. with video card and without video card, with 4 RAM and with 1 RAM)
I have SATA setup in AHCI, tried manual booting

The only thing I havent tried is formatting the drive with a windows CD in the new PC but I wanted to avoid that at all costs due to the data I want to keep in the drive and not have to go through buying a backup drive and etc.
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  1. reason the os not reconise the mobo. goto safe mode and wait for a while. after screen flashing stopped wait a minute.restart windows then start in normal mode then activate windows then update windows for update all drivers.
  2. so I went to the windows where it lists Safe Mode, Safe mode with Networking and etc. and waited there and chose Safe Mode, but I still get BSOD after win7 logo
  3. I had the same problem on my HDD after black friday mobo/cpu upgrade(given I stopped reading after the part where you mentioned blue screen after win logo). I, as well, tried everything.
    The fact is that you ssd is indeed not recognizing the mobo/cpu (if both are new). What fixed my problem is - well you guessed it - windows reinstall. Fixed everything. If you just reinstall windows over your old one it should keep your files intact. Annoying part is I had to reinstall all the drivers over again, but all the files from old windows were in windows.old folder so copy and paste those (easy on ssd). Hope that helps.
  4. So I tried to install fresh windows and once it reads the CD and loads all the windows setup files, right before the page where the harddrives get listed I get another BSOD ( Code 0x0000007B)
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