Can video conversion process blow up PSU`s ?

Can you help ? Im not sure what has been happening but my 480w PSU (ATX) blew the other day. Firstly it seemed to start whilst i was using a program called "Handbrake" which was converting a few DivX files into MPEG4. I first noticed a smell coming from the PSU and then it just shut down and rebooted. I then started the process again and a few hours later it did the same thing. I didnt want to take any chances so i swapped the PSU with another 480w model all be it a lot older version. This one seemed to once again correspond with my use of Handbrake converting DivX to MPEG4. The only difference was this one did not shut down it just went bang and the glass fuse inside was blown to pieces (literally). Now getting concerned i decided to order a brand new power supply, this time a 600w one. In the meantime whilst awaiting its delivery i decided to use yet another old PSU, this time a 400w one to keep me going. Realising that this was less power than the previous 2 i decided to just connect the bare essentials to my Gigabyte Mobo, in this case the 2x WD 10,000 rpm raptors(RAID 0), the 9800GTX graphics card, 4x 1GB memory sticks and one DVD-RW drive. I left everything else off (1x 1TB 7200rpm HDD, 6x case fans, 1x DVD-ROM drive, 1x floppy Drive). It powered up ok but then i decided to carry on with my video file conversion and within 10 minutes there was a smell of burning and yet another bang!!!! Am i going insane?? Will the video file conversion process cause the PSU undue pressure and blow it or could there be something else wrong with it ?
Any thoughts or opinions appreciated
Cheers guys

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  1. Running conversion software should not overload the PSU assuming you don't have any of issues playing games or running stress tests. We'd need to know the full specs of your machine including the PSU manufacturer. Not all power supplies are created equal.

    If it is a marginal power supply issue then the 600W one should help especially if it's from a reputable manufacturer.
  2. Converting video will definitely put a strain on the system and if the PSU is underpowered for the components could cause a long enough level of high usage that an underpowered PSU would run into problems --- What are the system specs (you listed most of them but not the CPU) and what brand of PSUs (as stated not all PSUs are made the same and the Amperage on the +12V rails will vary depending on how old they are (older systems used less +12v and more +5 and +3V so Older PSUs will provide less Amps on the +12V than newer ones) ! - IE the ones that blew the fuse must be fairly low quality as they only had a simple fuse protecting it instead of more complex circuitry)
  3. Thanks for all the help guys,
    Im afraid i cant tell exactly what the processor is as ive no PSU to run the system info. From memory its an AMD Dualcore 6400+ (3.2GHZ)
    When i say explode all i could see through the grills was shattered glass fragments from the fuse.
    Im afraid the PSU came with the case so im guessing it certainly wasnt from a reputeable brand. I think the make was ColorSit
    Thanks for replies
  4. yes, you had a cheap nasty PSU and it blew up under load. for a PSU to blow its fuse there has to be some major short circuit in it and it obviously had no short circuit protection. Just replace the PSU with a more reputable brand (seasonic, antec, corsair, silverstone) in the 500w range and hopefully all your other components were not damaged by the faulty PSU.
  5. the problem is the junk power supply. if the 600w is junk too it really could only be a 200w. what one did you get?
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