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So heres a stumper for everyone to ponder. I am trying to duplicate my desktop on my monitor and LCD TV. Here is a list of my hardware and software:

Saphire Readon HD 5770 Juniper XT
Saphire Readon HD 2400
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
Ultramon 3.0.10 64bit

Now that that is out of the way, on with my situation. The tv is located in my bedroom above my media server. The tv's native resolution is 1300x768. the resolution on my monitor is ofcourse 1920x1080. when i try to duplicate my desktop the computer defults to the lowest resolution. so i added another card i had laying around and i can now set the resolution on each screen properly but the duplicate option is no longer available in the drop down menu. i have also tried to use ultramon which does work but since it can only produce 30fps the video is choppy. the tv is to be used to watch movies only which i have extened my media center remote to the bedroom.

i have the lastest ccc from ati, also the hd5770 no longer supports theater mode. any idea's on this without purchasing a media center extender and scrapping my little project im well invested in?

ps, when i use extended mode, everything works perfectly, but ofcourse i would be watching blank desktop insdead of a movie. the entire idea behind this is to only have a media center remote in the bedroom and no fans or hard drives running.
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  1. Are you using CCC to set up the video properties or window's? Also, just wondering if you are doing 1366 x 768 or actually 1300, because that just seems like a weird proportion in case you are setting up custom resolutions
  2. i have trd using ccc and also windows. there is a post here about a guy that is using a card like mine, displaying 1080p to his monitor and recording 720p to a dvr "while he plays video games". this is EXACTLY what i need but have no clue where to start. it says in his post that he is using his "display port" which i also have on my card but ofcourse i did not get that cable with my 5770. does anyone have any experience with using display port on ati cards and how the scaling works with it?

    if i can find the post again i'll post it on this thread.
  3. I haven't yet used the display port, and haven't even ran dvi to my monitor and hdmi to my tv like I want to do, I currently have the 5850 but guessing it will behave the exact same.
  4. well this weekend i ran a 35ft dvi to hdmi cable to my tv in the livingroom (which is 1080) and i am currently in the process to extend my usb also which is not working like everyone else said it wouldn't (a few did which is why i tried)

    i still have an audio problem where i cant share audio over two devices.... i tired seting up the recording thing to playback on my regular speakers off of digital coax but ofcourse that didn't work since its digital to analog so im still having a problem with that. im going to get around it by setting media center to playback on one device and everything else playback on my regular speakers.

    no luck with the scaling problem but im hoping that if i plug in my 720 tv on the hdmi i will scale automaticly, but i have to take it off the wall to try it and the chance that happens is slim to nun so i've been procrastinating. i believe i had a upconverting dvd player on that tv in my last house (about 4 years ago) but i dont remember and i sold it when i got my blu ray. once i find out i'll post again.
  5. Hmm pretty complicated issue. Not really sure how to fix it but I know I had some issues when I plugged my 5850 into a TV and a monitor. Couldn't really do 2 things at once.

    Right now I have a PS3 hooked up, and it can stream movies and music off my PC so that's what I'm using.
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