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Does anybody know where I can find a list of supported graphics cards for the Mac? Please lets not get into the whole 'If and Why' BS in regards to PC vs Mac.

If a list cannot be found, does anybody have a suggested card for 1gb ram that isn't $1000?

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    You could get a normal HD4870/5770/5870 and flash the BIOS.
    (Technically with 7300GT/X1900XT/Quadro FX4500/2600XT/Quadro FX5400/8800GT/GT120 also)

    Other than that, your options are limited to looking on ebay and other resellers.
  2. ^+1 what he said

    u can normally flash the bios of any GFX to make it compatible with mac
  3. You guys know of a good walk through for flashing a card?
  4. I found this out there for anybody else that is looking...
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