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Hey guys. I am thinking of a new pc in which I have selected inno3d's GT240 and Cooler Master 500 Watt PSU.
My friend however says that inno 3d is not good company. Not only are the failure chances of the card greater but the card can over heat because of bad cooling provided by inno3d. So if I play 5-6 hours continuously, it is likely to fail.(the room temperature where i live is around 30-35)
Secondly, he says that the CM 500 watt is a bad power supply and I should either buy xigmatek or corsair.
Can anyone clarify me on both these objections?
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  1. 1st off i wouldn't go with a GT240 barring super tight $ wise as it merely trades blows with previous gen 9600GT

    2ndly yes try to hit an entry level 80+ PSU
  2. Actually the 9600 GT isn't available around here. The next good card is 9800GT or GTS 250 but I can't simply afford that. So, I just want to know whether the inno3d company's gt240 can pose all these cooling and failure problems.
  3. Ok, what about the power supply I have opted for? Can CM 500 watt run GT240 without problem?
  4. It isn't a good power supply, but you definitely shouldn't have a problem with the wattage. The GT 240 can't draw more than ~100W.
  5. Guys, I am going with the following setup
    e5400 dual core 2.7 Ghz
    HIS Ati 5750 512 MB (with icooler iv)
    Corsair 400 Watt power supply(80 percent efficiency).

    Is it ok? Can the power supply handle the card? Is there any chance of overheating of the card in Pakistan hot conditions? Will the card be bottlenecked by the processor(I have been told that the processor can handle the card)?

    Please tell me all this so I can make perfect purchase.
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