How do i know if my video card is going bad

Im so frustrated with this problem, and have no idea what it is. I kept getting a blue screen with the acedrv09.sys error. But it would restart and work fine. Now i get no picture, and sounds like my computer is running very slow. Or almost like its stuck in Sleep Mode. Can someone help me, or tell me what is going on? i got the computer on Christmas of 08. So its not even 2 years old. HP Desktop
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  1. acedrv09.sys driver is from the process Filter Driver ProtectDisc from acedrv by Protect Software GmbH.

    Either update Filter Driver ProtectDisc or if you don't even use it (or even know what it is), delete (backup first to desktop or somewhere) acerdrv09.sys and acerdrv09.dll from C:\Windows\System32\drivers.
  2. File conflict, maybe...

    If you still have that problem after did what Helltech said above then don't mind to re-install windows...
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