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Hi i was wondering if anyone can get me out of this jam im ive just built my second computer (kind of a noob) and it posted perfectly fine on the first try other than the fact that none of my usb's work. The board is an asus rampage 3 extreme and i know for sure it needs a bios update. Right now all i can use is an old ps/2 keyboard to get around the bios and stuff. I tried loading network adapters off the provided cd but that didnt work so i have no access to the internet from the actual comp itself. I DO however have the latest bios for the board on a thumb drive, obv thats no help right now.

So what do i do? Am i even right to think a bios update will solve my usb problem?
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  1. Sorry i forgot to mention i still have power to the usbs, just nothing gets recognized, which is why i think it needs a bios update the bios on it right now is from 2010 ummm 1101 i think

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Can you burn the drivers onto a CD/DVD from another computer and access it through your second computers CD/DVD reader?
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