Best Cloud Service to Backup Server?

I run a tax office that has two computers running to a central file server and I want to have an offsite backup in case the building burns down or the hard drives go out. All the work files from both computers sync to the server directly so the programs we use (tax agent 2012) and a few others sync automatically with the server. I need a backup solution, storage space is not a huge problem as the files are not that large, but I don't want to be bottle-necked by a storage limit. I'm currently running two machines that use windows XP professional and the server runs Windows Server 2003.

What would be my best options to back up the server, and the two computers for total protection?
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  1. Your est bet is to have a company that will do the back ups for you (automatic sync as well).

    Clound services are by law not obligated to keep that data, nor even to give you access to it (if you put something on cloud, its no longer "yours").
  2. If that's the case then how can I back up the server in real time where it basically clones what happens on the server and have it sent to my house 10 miles away?
  3. ravenrage07: here is a compare site that lists a bunch of these types of backup services side by side I use CrashPlan myself in my office and I can backup in real time.
  4. Check out Dynamic Vault They offer a variety of backup and disaster recovery servers for businesses including server replication.
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