Cpu usage

I've noticed lately that my Cpu usage is about 1-3% and my ram usage is on average 60%,
As long as I'm not skipping frames in WoW I'm none too fussed, but why would this be? Surely the cpu should be working harder?

X4 b35
1600Mhz ram noname 4Gb
Sapphire 5770
win7 64bit
checked things like 'adjust windows for best performance' etc all looks shiny,
maybe I should set core affinities to realtime and get rid of readyboost :P
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  1. Pulled my readyboost yesterday to see if depriving the system of ram would force the cpu to earn its keep, no difference tbh but cba opening the drawer to put it back lol
    Driver updates hmm, except for catalyst, I've not done any updates other than occasional windows ones, I know theres more recent bios' available for my Mobo but I'm reluctant to flash it unless I start having issues,
    WoW is set to use all four cores but I dont think it even bothers, might set it back to two/three, see if that ups the usage at all,
    I'm kinda pleased its not taking much effort for the rig to do as I ask, just curious as to why the ram seems to be working its butt off and the Cpu's are feet up chilling out lol

    3.2Ghz at the moment, I was having issues at 3.5 once I got the 5770 installed,
    so psu couldn't hack it I conjure, no funds for a better one atm though :(
    heres the obligatory Cpu-z screenie

    I dropped the gfx card back to standard as well as it didn't seem to be making any difference to my framerates
  2. How are you checking your CPU usage? Is WoW running @ full frames when you check this? Maybe you can have a log set so you can watch it fluctuate, if it does.

    WoW is a pretty ancient game, as long as your happy w/ your performance *shrug.

    Having high ram usage is fine and shouldn't slow you down. When your 4GB get maxed and it starts using your hard drive is when you should have performance hits from your ram.

    I use 2GB on 64bit vista (I know, stupid, waiting on RMA), and I still get surprising frames (Q9550, 4890 crossfire).
  3. Most things are set to ultra cept Shadows, I never liked them so got them on as low as I can,
    I dont know quite what my messings done, but I'm seeing 30%+ usage at the moment so Cpu is earning its keep lol,
    I know Wow's not the most hungry of games Raidur, but its the only thing I play hehe, its just I was irked that my Cpu seemed to be slacking off, I want it to at least pretend its working lol,but yes, I get good frames and all that :P
  4. Ah got ya.

    It's all good, a gamers a gamer! I play Warhammer (more PvP based MMORPG), but I'm a FPS/graphics junkie as well.

    At least you aren't one of those people who builds a $2,000+ system just for WoW. :)
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    I have nothing major to add but to say "I love me some River Tam!"
  6. Hi, Motopsychojdn.

    I just thought I would throw this out there. One thing you could do if you want to free up some of that RAM is to disable some unneeded windows services, that is if you are comfortable with doing so and have a desire to, check out this site: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations. I don't know about you, but I am OCD when it comes to getting down to the lowest used resources possible. :)
  7. Thanks for the link Chief, looking into it and yeah, I'm a bit ocd about things, have you seen my C.m.? lol!
    I have 20 things installed in my add or remove list, and I'm pretty sure I can lose a few of those hehe, deletd a load of windows components but they're all xxkb usually.
    every little helps though :)
    @Tecmo, I put her on here just for a fellow Browncoat (I remembered your request on my mental casemod thread, and thought I'd oblige :P)
    **The case mod is nice... However, I would much rather see River as your background

    Go Brown Coats!!** in case you dont know what me and Tec are blethering on about :P

    and if I had £2000 to spend, I'd get my bike rebuilt (Tecmo, My bikes called Serenity :)

  8. Got prompted for B.A. last night and cant really choose one, all have helped in ways, got to go Browncoat though :P
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  10. Seriously, thats is the best answer?!?
  11. What is wrong with that best answer... Just don't understand the power of the "BrownCoats" or "River Tam". :lol:
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