What are acceptable temps for ati cards (HD 3850)

I was playing a game and noticed some slow down so I checked the temps and it was in the mid 90's. After that downloaded rivatuner to control the fan and just put it at the auto setting and now while playing it is in the mid 80's. Are temps in the 80's ok or should I crank the fan up some more? It idles around the high 40's. All temps in C.
Thank You.
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  1. mid 80s are fine, mid 90s are not.

    crank it up a little more and try to keep it below 80c
  2. 80'C is about an okay for your card, just make sure the card temps aren't above 90'C... :)
    What is your current fan speed?
  3. Actually I just got MSI Afterburner instead of rivatuner after a little research and like using that better for what I'm doing with it. I just have a auto profile set that increases fan speed as the temp increases. Recently its been staying in the high 70's up to the mid 80's when things get heavy on screen so I think I should be set now. I don't think before this that the fan speed has ever changed. After getting these programs is the first time I've ever heard my gpu fan kick up to cool things down..

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