Recently installed a phenom x4 955 cpu in a m2n-sli deluxe board but only runnin

hi i have recently installed a phenom x4 955 be in a asus m2n-sli deluxe board i have the latest bios and the cpu is detected correctly but is only running at 800hz any help?
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  1. Most boards use amd's cool and quiet software, which lowers the cpu speed at idle. Check the board bios for this setting and disable it. I use it and it automatically increases the cpu speed when needed under load, such as gaming. But this may not show up in the windows specs. Some versions of Cpu-z have real time readings and will show the cpu fsb changing as your load changes.
  2. ^+1 Cool n Quiet.

    Open up CPU-Z or CPUID and run something while watching the clock speed.

    If it speeds up then you know cool n quiet is working properly.
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