Both hard drives hang bios on start up?

Hey there! So yesterday my new NZXT Phantom case arrived, and I moved my computer guts into the new case, but when I turned it on... the bios hangs and wont get passed loading the RAM. The two hard drives are a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB drive, and a Western Digital Green WD20EARX 2TB drive. They were both working perfectly fine before I moved them into the case,and now they both my clicking noises then trying to be accessed by the computer! Please note that I am not able to get into the BIOS set up because the entire computer freezes. However, if only the WD drive is connected, then I CAN enter the bios, but when I go to the "Boot" tab, it doesn't detect any thing is connected to the SATA ports. However, if the Seagate drive is connected, either alone or with the WD drive, the bios freezes after loading the RAM.

Please help! I don't know what else to do!

p.s. I have reset the CMOS, both jumpers and battery, I have used only one stick of ram, I have tried other SATA ports, I even wrapped both up and put them in the freezer! (Which did work for the Seagate when it stopped working before) Please help, I've tried literally everything!!

My motherboard: Biostar A870U3
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  1. Clicking noises from hard drives are almost always a sign of drive failure, the clicking noise is caused by the read/write heads jammed against the data platters, and the two should never come into contact.

    For confirmation, test with a diagnostic utility which loads from a bootable CD, available from most of the hard drive manufacturers here:
  2. Hi

    how are the drives mounted in the new case ?

    If you used mounting screws (thru the sides) which are too long you could damage the circuit board (kill the hard drive)

    If Drives not recognised by the bios, it indicates faulty data or power cables, faulty power supply,
    disabled SATA Ports (possible but would not cause system to hang)
    faulty drive electronics
    faulty sata ports (motherboard)

    Do you have a USB to SATA adapter or esata port to test disk outside case ?
    If no PC with working hard disks try booting from Linux CD such as Parted Magic


    Mike Barnes
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