SSD overrides everything on boot

I just got a Corsair Force SSD off of my friend. It has Win7 on it. What I want is to do a fresh install of Win8 on it and use it as my primary drive. However no matter what I do, SSD always seems to boot over anything I specify.

i5-3570K stock
MSI Z77-G45 board
Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM
WD 1TB with Win7 on it - ***Disconnected

Here is what I have done so far:
-Disconnected my HDD from SATA/Power
-Plugged in SSD into 1/2 SATA port
-Put unpacked (from ISO image) Win8 install files on a USB flash drive
-Changed boot priority in BIOS to USB -> CD/DVD -> SSD ->UEFI USB
-Tried to select my USB in quick boot (F10 on MSI board)

No matter what I do, it always takes me to a screen to select which windows to load (***HDD removed - asks to pick between 2 Win7 - one is on SSD and another one is not working b\c storage device is disconnected).

I am going to try to burn a DVD with Win8 ISO on it and try to boot from DVD. Also worth mentioning that when I try to run Win8 setup while on my HDD's win7 it tells me that a .dll file is corrupt, so Win8 ISO might be bad (However that wouldn't just skip USB boot all together, would it?)

Any pointers, suggestions are welcome.

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  1. First of all, make sure that your USB / DVD version of win8 installer is working and actually booting into the installer. Test it with no other drive attached. Since your win8 setup shows error message it is logical for the PC to continue booting from other media.

    After you confirmed that installer is working, attach your SSD only and try to boot the installer (either using device priorties in BIOS or F10 key).

    If it still is not working update the BIOS.
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