Intel dual core e2200 with palit gts 450 sonic

hi im new here. dont know if im posting at the right thread.
anyways im planning on getting myself a palit gts 450 1gb sonic.
but my system is kinda old

intel e2200 2.20Ghz
2gb ddr2-667
asus p5sd2-vm
cougar 550w
win7 OS
and i play games at 1440x900 reso.

i was wondering, will my cpu bottleneck the gts 450?
and i just found out that my motherboard has no overclocking options.
ive been searching for a software that can overclock the cpu but what i have
read is that its not advisable. and this motherboard doesnt support ddr2-800 :/

does it greatly affect the performance of the gts 450? or not that much?
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  1. A mild overclock to around 2.6-2.8 will really help you out in gaming if your willing and able.

    You might benefit from another 2gb of ram if you can find it cheap enough.
  2. i did want to overclock. but the problem is asus p5sd2-vm bios is locked :(
    will readyboost help in gaming? ..

    i play a lot of games, and i mean A LOT :D
    thats why i sold my 9800gt green coz im not satisfied with the performance.

    anyways im thinking ill be getting a new motherboard sometime nextyr..
    if id use my 3 yr old e2200 would it be too risky to overclock with the new board?
  3. Your right,didn't realize that board doesn't allow overclocking.

    No overclocking is pretty safe when done correctly. I don't recommend spending money for an older chip, unless you can find a really good deal on a decent board. If you can pick one up for around 30-40 shipped or maybe at Microcenter, You can always sell your current board in favor of the one that overclocks. That would be a pretty cheap solution to your problem.
  4. Quote:
    One more thing, if u were getting a new board,
    why would u still wanna keep that CPU ?

    ill be getting a new board but it will take months of saving.
    then getting a new cpu will add more months of saving :lol:

    guess ill just have to endure the decrease of performance
    until i can upgrade.


    ill think about it. its a good idea.

    anyways thanks for the replies guys.

    im just sad that my gts 450 wont be in its full potential
    by the time ill be using it :(
    but im hoping it wont cost a lot of decrease in FPS.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it, your gaming should be fine. You can always try a program like setfsb. Most Intel chips can overclock around 10 to 15 percent without a voltage bump. So if you keep it to 10 percent or less, you have a decent chance of getting 2.4 to 2.6ghz stable.
  6. i was hoping for dx11 games since gts 450 supports dx11.
    ill just figure out the proper combinations for the graphic settings
    that would lessen the burden of losing fps :D


    wow thats good news! ill search for that software.. hope i do can overclock!
  7. about the SetFSB .. im getting PLL byte error.
    i guess this doesnt support my motherboard :(


    thanks for the links. they were quite usefull.

    cant wait to purchase the videocard
    and ill just see where the card takes me :lol:
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