Asus p5kpl am se problem

HELP ME!!! i Have a motherboard that is Asus P5KPL AM SE it's compatbile with all Lga socket 775 processor, but when i bought a intel core 2 duo e6600 and i overclocked it, it run very smooth but in a couple of day when i turn on my pc it won't boot up the monitor show 'No Signal' i try change the vga to a onboard graphics still 'no signal' but when i change to my pentium 4 processor it works. it boot up,when i change back to Intel core 2 duo e6600 it won't boot up. :( So what's the problem?? Is it my motherboard?? Or My Processor??
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  1. load the defaults or clear the cmos. i think your overclock is not stable thats why it wont boot up.
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